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WEBINAR/PCC - Live LegalShield Presentation (Invite Guests) Webinar
December 15, 2013

Speaker:   Jack Soares ED
Registration:   3:45p  EST
Event Time:    4:00p - 4:30p  EST


One of LegalShield's top leaders will be doing a live LegalShield webinar for your prospects!  These webinars will enable your prospects to see a full live presentation on the LegalShield membership and business.  To participate simply have them go to the following website during the scheduled time to view the webinar.  Here is a script you can use as well:

"_____ I just started my own business and would like to get your feedback.  One of my mentors will be doing a live web based presentation.  Are you available at _________? "

If they are available for that time, remind them to put it in their calendar and give them a reminder call an hour before the webinar starts as well. Remember to do a three way call with a third party expert after they have reviewed the presentation


To hear the associated audio, dial into the following number as well:

Number: 218-862-1300
Code: 603552#

Click this link to ensure the webinar will work on your computer:  www.anymeeting.com/systemtest

Kevin Palache
Independent Associate
Connecticut Regional Vice President

CT Provider Law Firm:  www.wwblaw.com
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